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New Era Paintings

14 Nov

This is my first ever attempt employing the use of only a palette knife. I have labored over this one for many hours until the final stroke of the knife.

Faces (2014)

18 Sep


My newest piece.  Really enjoyed seeing this one come together.  I hope it brings others enjoyment and invites exploration.


Lines & Colors (Abstract)

9 Mar



Lines & colors are an often explored theme in my work.  In this piece I wanted the strong use of line to be enhanced by the subtle and almost strategic use of color.


Line (Abstract)

17 Feb


Exploring the beauty of simple lines.

Pink Rose

10 Oct



Saw a lovely pink rose in a photograph and decided to paint a rose.  I love the intricate layers of thin, delicate petals.  I always try to “unpack” the geometry of a rose and yet its shape and design seem to be an endless mystery.

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