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Untitled 2-2017 (2017)

5 Jan


A new acrylic on paper.  Not sure what this is exactly or what it conveys.  Feels a little ethereal.  I loved the way the colors came together.

Untitled 1-2017

3 Jan


A new acrylic, abstract on paper.

Walking in a Crowd at Sunset (2017)

2 Jan

fullsizerender-24My first painting of 2017.  Acrylic on paper, 16″ x 20″ format.

Bruised Reed (2016)

24 Dec


My newest acrylic on paper.  I’m finding myself painting with renewed vision and vigor.  It is refreshing and exciting in that each time I pick up my brushes and set out to paint I have no idea what to expect or what will emerge in the end.

Energy (2016)

19 Dec


A recent acrylic abstract on paper (16″x 20″ format).

In the Clouds (2016)

15 Dec


Sorry about image quality on this one.  Another new acrylic on paper.  Trying to finish the year out strong 🙂

Faces (2016)

13 Dec


My most recent acrylic on paper.  Do you see faces?  What do you see when you view this piece, would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks friends.

Frolic (2016)

12 Dec


My most recent acrylic on paper abstract piece.  I find that I’m most drawn from the upper left down through the center of the piece to the small squares in the bottom-center of the piece.

Untitled 12/04/16 (2016)

5 Dec


A new acrylic abstract.  Not sure I’m done with it yet but still figuring out finishing touches.

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