Watercolor Wednesday

25 Apr

Kayse is a young artist whose work is unique and very creative. If you aren’t familiar with her art yet you should take time to stop by her site and check out her work.

deer2 I am starting a new weekly posting called, ‘Watercolor Wednesday’, posting a photograph of one new watercolor painting a week. I think it will be a good way to motivate myself to create more often. It’s one of my goals to do forty paintings this year… and I’m pretty behind.

This deer is part of a series of different animals that I’m painting in this style.

Watercolor painting is wonderfully therapeutic for me. I used to only paint in acrylics because I hadn’t learned how to use oils and watercolors would frustrate me so much. I thought watercolor paint was uncontrollable and had a mind of it’s own. I still think that’s true… I’ve just learned tricks to manipulating the way they will blend and flow. I often don’t know what a painting will look like when it’s dry. Watercolor painting taught me a lot about letting go and not needing to…

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One Response to “Watercolor Wednesday”

  1. artpony July 24, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    love your pieces…I’m also trying to do daily paintings to be more relaxed with my watercolors. Your work looks great!


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