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Another View

21 Oct



A lovely spot.

Lake of Dancing Waves

20 Oct



Had fun with this one.

Awake & Alive

19 Oct



Saw this interesting tree the other day and it inspired this painting.


18 Oct



Inspired by a photo I recently saw.

Inside My Head

17 Oct



Sometimes the wheels never stop turning.


16 Oct


Mixed ultramarine blue with a variety of different colors and created this design.  Blue was the base color for all these combinations.  Thought it was kinda groovy.  So, what kind of blue are you?

Defining What it Means to Be an Artist

15 Oct

I have painted consecutively every single day for almost a month and a half.  I mentioned in an earlier post that there has always been an artist in me and that I hadn’t picked up a brush since the sixth grade.  That artist found expression in other ways but was there nonetheless.  Now I’ve given myself permission to try and discovered I very much have a passion for painting.  My question is this, what is the difference between being a prolific artist (ie: producing lots of art) and a crazed artist (wildly insane) or is there not much distinction between the two?  I may have crossed the line a while ago!  🙂



15 Oct



Was inspired to paint this after seeing a photo at a fellow blogger’s site.  The original photo can be found here:


14 Oct



I sketched this about two years ago and was thinking about this sketch recently.  I decided to re-sketch it and paint it.  It makes me consider the things in my life that might actually be harming me that I choose to hold onto.  Those things are like a vine wrapping tighter and tighter around one’s heart and soul squeezing the life and joy right out.  My encouragement today is, “Let them go.  Just open your hand and let them go.”

Woods at Dusk

13 Oct




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