Earth’s Core (2021)

8 Jan

Watercolor & graphite on paper


Two Sides of the Same Coin (2021)

6 Jan

Untitled 2021-i

5 Jan

New watercolor on paper (employed graphite as well in the composition). Kandinsky factors in to this one for sure. Oh and the picture is me, I’ve aged a bit since starting this endeavor back in 2013. What a grand and lovely journey it has been.

Homage to Stefanescu 2020

29 Dec

Recently discovered George Stefanescu’s work. Love the vibrancy of his use of color. Love the mysticism and spirituality his pieces convey. This is a watercolor I painted inspired by his work.

Painted by: Eli Dorman, 2020

Untitled 2020

23 Dec

This is a mixed media watercolor and acrylic on paper. This piece came together nicely and as always with some happy little artistic serendipities along the way


Main Street (2018)

7 Dec

Abstract using acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal.

Acrylic on Paper

1 Dec

A new piece. Charcoaled out the lines then painted them in black. Fed color in slowly working a fairly limited palette.


30 Nov

Acrylic on canvas.

State of the Union (2018)

29 Nov

Recent acrylic on canvas.

Synapse (2018)

28 Nov

New acrylic on canvas.

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